Eight Limbs of Yoga: The Yamas @ YogaGlo

I have been finding myself quite busy lately, and unable to even record my yoga lesson plans.  However, Yoga happens not only on the mat, but off the mat as well.  And studying the Yamas goes right in hand with reshaping your life.  This is a wonderful blog posted at http://www.yogaglo.com and I hope you will enjoy it!

The yamas – there are five of them – make up the first limb of yoga. These, along with the niyamas, are guidelines for living a better, more fulfilled life. But before you roll your eyes, the yamas are not directives about what to do and not do. They’re open to interpretation – in fact, they invite it – and when you start thinking about what they mean, you’ll find that there are increasingly nuanced and interesting ways to think about them, and to apply them to your own life.”

Continue reading via this link: Eight Limbs of Yoga: The Yamas @ YogaGlo.


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