Crunchy Tuna Salad


IMG_20151204_220422Do you love Tuna Salad but are trying to get away from using condiments and processed foods in general?

I whipped this up tonight:

2 cups worth of chopped celery, cubed cucumbers and chopped shallots

3/4 c of tuna packed light in water

1 small Avocado

Mash it all together, add pepper to taste,  a squeeze of lemon (or doterra lemon drops),  and squirt Sriracha Sauce across.

It’s just the right amount of crunchy and loaded with protein.

Do YOU have a favorite tuna recipe?

If you use the 21 Day Fix Meal Plan system, this is 2 green,  1 red and 2 blue.  Yes,  that’s too much blue in one sitting, but I did skip orange today 😉


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