Peppermint Mocha Shake

Off I go for a one on one coach training. I’m a home body and I don’t get out a lot on purpose, so when I do, a meeting planned for 90 minutes is sure to last a lot longer because there’s just SO MUCH to catch up on!  And seeing that my metabolism does best when eating every 3 hours,  I came prepared!


8oz brewed Coffee, 2oz water, 1 scoop Chocolate Protein Powder or Superfoods Shake (I used Vegan Chocolate by Shakeology), 3 drops Peppermint EO (or use 1/2 tsp pure extract), 4 ice cubes and blend.

Oh,  I also added a scoop of extra fiber – you know,  trying to up my fiber in the quest for cancer prevention!

I used my NINJA Nutri Cup to blend and take the shake with….you just have to remember that the lid has an opening when you get out of the car,  oops.

What’s your favorite Holiday Drink?



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