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What is Small Business Saturday?

Do you know about Small Business Saturday?!

The first-ever Small Business Saturday took place on Nov 27, 2010 and was initiated by American Express. It encouraged people across the country to support small, local businesses, and it has since grown into an estimated $14.3 billion spent at small businesses during last year’s SBS.

How can you participate? Especially if you prefer to shop online?

Take a look at your gift list:

Makeup, skin care, perfume, crafts, fitness programs, nutritional supplements, candles, kitchen gadgets, fashion jewelry, clothing, keepsakes, personal protection (as in pepper spray), gift certificates galore, and so much more.

For all of these products there is a small business or entrepreneur who works with a direct sales company. YOU already know someone who sells something you want directly, or who knows someone else who sells what you’re looking for. You just have to ask “Who offers/sells xyz…”

The answer might be your friend’s friend’s mother’s store with keepsakes and decorative items, a friend who sells crocheted hats on etsy, a co-worker who sells make up or skin care, your cousin who is an expert on kitchen gadgets or how to use essential oils in the kitchen or for health, or me who offers online coaching to go along with the latest fitness and health programs like 21 Day Fix, Piyo, P90X, Insanity and more.

And why would you want to do that?

Well indirectly you will benefit because you build a relationship with someone you know, it’s like having a personal shopper. And by buying from a small business or entrepreneur, more of the money you spend stays with them. And with them receiving more money as the sales person for their own business, they are able to spend more in their local economy.

So ask the question today, whether it’s Small Business Saturday ot not at the time you read this: Whom of your friends sells what you are looking for.

And if you represent your own small business as brick and mortar, on etsy or your direct sales website, feel free to share it in the comments.

Until next time…

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My First “Thought Of The Day”

I might be cleaning, walking the dogs, driving or teaching and have a random thought.  Sometimes it is worth sharing.  By no means do I claim absolute ownership over all thoughts though.

Yes, they are my thoughts, but…Do you ever have a lightbulb go off, a revelation of sorts, and you think it was your own? ┬áCome to find out it has already been uttered by someone else. ┬áSo I am willing to predict that some of my thoughts of the day will turn out to be something I read somewhere else or heard about.

If it randomly pops in my head, then it must have been good. ┬áAnd if you recognize something, and know it was someone else’s thought, I hope you will tell me so I can give them credit and thank them for their inspiration!

My Thought Of The Day:

“If all my dreams had come true, I wouldn’t have the life I live today, and I love my life!”