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Let It Go Lesson Plan

This past weekend I participated in the EMPOWER! Conference here in Las Vegas, and I learned so much.  I literally left feeling “empowered!”  Also a little overwhelmed, but ready to learn more.

One of the workshops I took, was a Yoga class by Kimberly Spreen.  Walking into it I already knew it was going to be good, because I really did not have any expectations.  The title was great, it was about letting go.  Wait a minute!  Maybe I DID have expectations?!  Whether I did or not, Kimberly’s teaching quickly helped me let go of my attachments to the outcome of my practice.  As this was a much more flowing pace than what I usually practice for myself, I was definitely challenged and I learned that I am stronger than I think, but also comfortable with being happy exactly where I am in each pose.  It was a wonderful class and this lesson plan is hers.

We are practicing this lesson plan in the next couple of classes (April 23rd – May 2nd on Mondays at 5:30pm and Wednesdays at 4pm) and if you miss it, I hope that you will practice this lesson on your own.  Practicing on your own will give you the opportunity to practice longer or shorter, and to make it even more your own.


Seated Centering – Create a Loving Space – Ujjayi Breath or Natural

Cat/Cow in various direction – Hip Hinges – DownDog – Fwd. Fold

2 – 3 x SNA (Sun Saluation A)

R Leg Lead:

DownDog – 3leg Dog/Knee to Nose (x2)

Low Lunge – High Lunge – Lunge Open Twist w/ Chest lifted

Reverse Warrior – Extended Side Angle

5 Point Star – Horse – 5 point Star  —> Pivot to face the Back Wall

Warrior 2 – Reverse Warrior – 1/2 Moon – Reverse Warrior

Chaturanga – UpDog – DownDog

L Leg Lead: Repeat above Flow

DownDog – R Low Lunge – lift back knee – hold and breathe (you are stronger than you think you are) – DD – L Low Lunge – lift back knee – hold and breathe (let go of your expectations) – DD

Modified Pigeon R/L counter with DD – Prone Twist counter with DD

Inversions of choice