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Why To Do A Split Squat Jump

Today was the first workout of the Master’s Hammer and Chisel Test Group I’m participating in and 5:30am came way too soon! I was super close to just shutting off the alarm and getting “just a few more minutes of shut eye.” But I didn’t.

Instead I shut off the alarm which was in the bathroom, drank my 16oz of Water, drank my ENERGIZE, brushed my teeth, filed my nails, all while listening to a podcast and was ready to go at 6am.

“FUN” Move of today: Split Squat Jump.

Seriously, all I could think about while doing these was “WHY?!! WHY do I have to do these???”  I want this new program to help me CHANGE MY BODY,  that’s why!  This exercise gets your heart rate up, helps increase bone density and trains your fast twitch muscle fibers,  in short, they shape your booty and I can already tell my booty will FEEL this workout 😄

Do you have a hard time getting up in the morning? Do you keep hitting snooze?