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Plank Lesson Plan

My upcoming CXWORX  Training, where we have to hold some (at this time) insanely long forearm plank, inspired me to create this Plank focused lesson plan.  The problem with that of course is that YOU are doing this practice, not I, and with that I am still no more ready for this training than I was a few weeks ago.  So at this point I just need to start practicing!

If you have generally tender wrists, this practice may help improve this condition over time.  Often people who have to keep their wrists in one position for long periods of time, or their fingers are flexed a lot, can benefit from the wrist extension that happens with planks.  However, make sure not to practice this lesson when your wrists are acutely inflamed!  And as always, if it doesn’t feel good, take a rest in Child’s Pose and shake out your hands, it’s OK!

Seated Centering & Breathing – Wrist Warm ups

Cat/Cow – Opposite Arm/Leg Balance – DownDog – Plank – 8 Point Pose – Cobra – Forearm Plank – Dolphin – Moving Dolphin – Sunworshiper/ 1/2 Camel – DownDog – Forward Fold – Tadasana

1 x SNA Surya Namaskar A (Sun Salutation A)

1-2 x “Plank Vinyasa”: Plank – Ride Side Plank – Plank – Chatturanga – DownDog – Plank – Left Side Plank – Plank – Chatturanga – DownDog (rest or repeat)

R Forward: Crescent Lunge – 1/2 Moon – Chair – Brave Warrior – Eagle – DownDog

1 x “Plank Vinyasa”

L Forward: Crescent Lunge – 1/2 Moon – Chair – Brave Warrior – Eagle – DownDog

Option: 1 x “Plank Vinyasa”

Bow Pose (1/2 or full) – Balasana – Navasana – UpPlank/Table – Paschimottanasana (Seated Forward Fold)

Choice of Inversions or Bridge – 1/2 Shoulder Stand